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    These two craftsman style houses were custom built on the beach in
    Costa Rica. After searching the country, this site was chosen for it's
    remote and natural beauty. Flocks of Parakeet feast on unattended orchards.
    Monkeys pass every other day as they forage along the coast. Other animals
    such as Toucans, Tortoises and even Jaguars are spotted at times.

    Nothing less than a dream come true, these houses were designed to
    be the perfect place for escape and relaxation. Walk along the beach under a
    star-filled sky or play by the light of the full moon. This is the place.

    After years of careful and dedicated preparation, we are now proud to open these
    houses to our friends. Be our guest... in this corner of paradise.


    There are many types of activity with which to keep yourself busy around Cabuya. There are two large waterfalls in the area that are ideal places to cool off in fresh water. The village of Montezuma is home to the more spectacular fall. It can only be reached by walking upstream for about 15 minutes. Local legend has it that this place is enchanted. They say,"Beware, if you visit the waterfall three times, you will never be able to leave". The second fall is located a few miles down the beach and is shown here.

    Surfing is a local favorite. A great spot, Los Cedros, is a short twenty minute walk away from the houses. These constant waves are located halfway between Montezuma and Cabuya. Those surfers who consider themselves ready for the bigger stuff should head over to Mal Pais, a short drive away. Surfing season is best June to November.

    There are times when all the villagers leave their jobs to pull in the fish that are chasing sardines across the Gulf. They throw in baited hooks from the rocks and pull in the lines without the aid of rod or reel. During these times, no one comes home empty handed. However, boats are available for hire. Red Snapper, Tuna, Wahoo, Dorado, and Rooster Fish are some of the regular catches. Boats also take people on diving trips and sightseeing.

    Hiking is a great way to sightsee. It allows you to sneak up on the many wild animals that inhabit the area. Since Costa Rica is part of the "land bridge" that connects North and South America, there is an incredible variety of species. Our houses are located just one mile from Costa Rica's first national park "Cabo Blanco Absolute National Reserve" Our favorite hike is from Cabuya to Mal Pais. It takes about two hours to walk the steep road over the peninsula from the Gulf to the Pacific side.

    There are several guides who rent out horses for various excursions. The cost is in the range of $25 for a half day's ride. A horse ride is an ideal way to reach the farther of the two waterfalls. If you are lucky enough to be in the area during a full moon, try an evening ride along the beach.


    "DOS IGUANAS" is located in Cabuya, two miles from the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. We are on the Gulf side of the peninsula. Did we mention that the houses are a mere 50 meters directly off the beach? If you sleep in the bedroom on the first floor you will have the pleasure of watching the Sun rise over the water from your bed. From the beach in front of the houses, to your right is the open Pacific and to your left you can see the mountains of the mainland across the Gulf.

    Cabuya is about a 6 hour drive from the capital city of San Jose. Take the highway to Puntarenas and then get in line for the ferry to Paquera. The ferry takes about 1 1/2 hours to cross the gulf. The drive from Paquera to Cabuya takes a little over an hour. If you don't have a car, public transportation is available and very affordable. There are buses for a total of about $15 from San Jose. The fastest way is to fly across the gulf on the local airline for about $60 to Tambor, then take a taxi. There are jeeps for rent near Cabuya in Cobano.


    The two houses are next to each other and share the same driveway.The big house has a large master bedroom on the second floor with a double bed and a single bed among other furnishings. The first floor is made up of a living room with a day bed, an "open air" dining room,bathroom, kitchen and closets. This house sleeps 3 to 4.

    The small house has 2 single beds upstairs in one bedroom. Downstairs is a small kitchen, bathroom, and "open air" dining area. All the bedrooms have views of the beach. The houses are fully furnished and comfortable for extended stays. There are small grocery stores within walking distance. A cleaning lady will pass by from time to time to tidy up and fill you in on the latest gossip.

    Cobano is about 8 miles away and offers more extensive shopping. There you will also find the bank, post office and medical clinic.



    BIG HOUSE...........$800 PER WEEK


    BIG HOUSE...........$600 PER WEEK


    BIG HOUSE...........$500 PER WEEK



    If you would like more information about "Dos Iguanas" send an e-mail to ...bueno mae, nos vemos entonces y....Pura Vida!

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